With a correct aftershave care routine, you can completely put an end to the problems such as irritation, redness and flaking that you have experienced on your skin so far!

Although women are usually at the forefront when it comes to skin care, it is a clear fact that men also need skin care. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that men face the reality of shaving throughout their entire adult life.

Beards covering the face and neck area of ​​men can cause constant changes on the skin surface due to its hard structure and rapid growth. In addition to the structure of the beard itself, shaving processes that can only be done with metal equipment can trigger these changes in a negative way. For this reason, problems such as irritation, redness, sensitivity and flaking may occur frequently in the beard area.

What Does After Shave Cologne Do?

When you shave a beard, your face creates lots of small, invisible cuts, pieces of exposed epidermis (skin) and pores that are likely to get bacteria or other pests inside. Cologne is a good disinfectant known for its antibacterial properties.

In addition, although colognes burn after shaving, they can provide short-term relief thanks to their refreshing pleasant smell.