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2 Phase Beard & Hair Conditioner | No.1

£12.50 inc. VAT
Blow dry that facilitates two-phase combing. It repairs dry and damaged hair, retains moisture, and gives a shiny and smooth appearance. The effect is seen instantly. The first striking result: it provides you with supple, shiny, vitality, easy-care hair. Keratin-containing formula regenerates the outer layer of the hair structure, this two-phase blow dryer has been specially developed for dry and damaged hair. Shake well before use. Spray on damp hair and comb through thoroughly. Do not rinse! It can also be sprayed on dry hair for shiny and well-groomed hair. It is suitable for daily use. KERATIN: Fibers, an important part of hair and nails, is a waterproof protein rich in sulphur. Keratin has a high ratio of cysteine ​​(Amino acid containing sulfur), which has great affinity for hair, compared to other proteins. It restores the capillary fiber needed by the hair, nourishes the hair and leaves a wonderful appearance from root to tip.