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NISHMAN Pro-Hair Keratin Complex Shampoo 1250 ml

£9.99 inc. VAT
It is one of the best men's shampoos that cleans without breaking the hair or tightening the scalp. NISHMAN PROFESSIONAL Shampoo is ideal for daily use. • NISHMAN Hair care shampoo that does not contain harmful SALT and PARABEN. • It is specially formulated with the keratin component in its content. • EXTENDS THE LIFE OF THE KERATIN APPLICATION - It will not eliminate the effects of the Keratin Complex and its treatment, on the contrary, it will support its permanence. • PRESERVES THE NATURAL APPEARANCE OF YOUR HAIR – It will make your hair look soft and healthy thanks to its meticulously formulated, salt and paraben-free special structure, • PROFESSIONAL STRONG FORMULA – Our purifying special shampoo is preferred by elite salons around the world, so you can feel confident and buy our shampoo without hesitation.