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Nishman Gift Set 5 in 1 (Care Set)

£30.00 inc. VAT
The products in its content are also sold separately on our site. Products included in our 5-in-1 set: 1 - NO 02 200 ML COLOGNE STORM provides vitality to your skin all day long with its fresh scent. 2- NO 0 200 ML SHAVING GEL ( It does not foam, it is used when shaving with the help of a razor. Thanks to its transparent structure, it allows you to see the floor to be cut and to shave by giving it the shape you want. ) 3- No 4 AFTER SHAVE CREAM & COLOGNE 2 in 1 Skin care product 4- M2 Clay Matte Wax 100ML; It is an ideal wax for giving effective natural-looking hair styles. 5- HAIR STYLING POWDER WAX 20Gr; With its increasing reputation, it is a new generation natural hair look, as well as a volumizing and hair styling powder form.