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Nishman Beard & Mustache Care Oil

£12.50 inc. VAT
  • 75ml
NISHMAN's beard oil moisturizes the beard hair and nourishes the dry skin under the beard & mustache. Proper beard care starts with beard oil. NISHMAN's beard & mustache care oil, which is effective in softening the beard, also moisturizes the dry skin under the beard. Bearded men also need beard care for a beautiful facial care. NISHMAN BEARD & MISTAKE OIL Cares and softens your beard; It moisturizes the skin under your beard. Is It Safe to Apply Beard Oil Directly to the Skin? : Yes, it is designed for dual purpose to soften your Beard & Mustache hair and skin. Take a step into your morning routine with this all-purpose skincare product. Does It Contain Natural Oils? : Yes, Nishman Beard Oil contains natural oils such as jojoba, argan, sunflower, olive oil and sweet almond oil.